Lotus: The Ulltimate Female Form‏ (from Sharon Cauldarn book)

This essay is an introduction to the intriguing topic of sex and women. I write from personal experience in the Voodoo community that I am a part of in west Africa. My experiences with the black tantric system and the supreme chief of Voodoo is chronicled in Mark of Voodoo: Awakening To My African Spiritual Heritage.

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Like the earth, woman possesses the ability to be inert and passive as she receives seeds and germinates life. Like water, woman flows following the form of any container that needs filling. You see woman does not have a single form. She defies this obstacle, is changeable, and does not let herself be mastered. Like an abyss or a grotto, woman does not allow herself to be grasped. She is the void which can only be appropriated by being filled. Sex plays an important role in keeping a woman filled from the spiritual-energetic perspective. This essay explores those conditions that fill, and those that deplete.

From an energetic perspective, the woman’s spirit structure is less stable and more penetrable than the male’s. After all, she conceives, houses, and grows babies within her being. Receptivity, flexibility, and nurturing are appropriate and valuable assets for this enormous task. But woman’s penetrable, generous nature also leaves her vulnerable to the carnate and discarnate spirits around her.

Sex That Depletes; Sex That Fills
Sexual interactions are dynamic situations that can consume a woman’s essence or fill her. An aggressive embodied partner can ruthlessly consume her essence, sucking her life force right out of her; aggressive disembodied spirits can continue the rape after the sexual act with her embodied partner is completed. An empty woman is all too common in our world. But a woman who has been filled during the sexual act and by any number of aspects and relationships in her life is most rare and exquisite, like a lotus: woman in her ultimate form.

When a woman has been ravished, her malleable and pliable characteristics enable her to recuperate from depleting ordeals. She reorganizes herself by extracting from her store of life force energy, accessing her wisdom, and utilizing her creativity. Under ordinary circumstances, she moves right back into her roles in life, no matter how demanding. Since the more filled she is the more abundant and powerful her life force becomes, establishing a relationship that keeps one filled is essential to one’s evolution. The opposite is also true. The longer woman lives empty, the less chance she has of retaining enough of her depleting life force to last a full lifetime, much less accumulate enough life force energy with which to flourish and grow.

There are many ways to deplete a woman just as there are any number of ways to keep her full and abundant. Sexual encounters are extremely important, and gaining an understanding of how they impact a woman will provide enough information so that any one interested can create endless situations directed at filling-or depleting a partner.

Our Vital Energy Source
Both men and women possess a vital energy source that is essentially life force energy. This energy is accessed by our physical bodies, processed from the food that we eat and by our chakras from the universal energy available to us. Life force energy feeds our spirits and supports harmony between our physical and spirit bodies. The energy is needed to fuel us so that we perform our activities of daily living and eventually raise our levels of consciousness. This supply of vital energy can be depleted or enhanced according to an individual’s conduct. Participating in extreme spiritual practices, prematurely, is one way to deplete that energy. Engaging in activities that allow an energy vampire, embodied or disembodied, to steal that energy is another. Sexual relations is another.

Sexual encounters that fill a woman, and a man for that matter, is the basis of white tantra. Two practitioners engage in specific sexual maneuvers that are rooted to an ancient spiritual discipline. The sexual acts achieve an energetic eruption, orgasm, catapulting both spirits to higher dimensions, like the Hindu deities Shakti and Shiva. Once they descend and separate, each one should retain some positive influence from their journey together. Both should be filled. Even though the spiritual tradition acts as an enhancer in the cases of spiritual tantra, a similar result can be achieved by a man and a woman not affiliated with a spiritual discipline.

Is There a Discarnate Spirit in the Bedroom?
Discarnate spirits will be attracted to the powerful energy that has been produced. They come like vultures to feed. Shielding the energy field that the two lovers have created assures that they alone absorb and use the powerful energy that they have produced. If the energy is allowed to leak and be consumed by discarnate spirits, then the woman and man will not receive the full benefits of their act.

Aggressive spirits will not settle at consuming the energy surrounding the couple; if allowed they will enter them and devour that which each has retained. Since the woman is more easily penetrated than the man, she is more vulnerable to ravishing and is usually the one who gets depleted after the encounter. Sometimes the carnate male partner will consume the woman’s share of potent energy created during their encounter. Certainly there are cases where the woman acts as the vampire consuming the man’s share of what they have created together.

The role of orgasm
To ensure that the woman is filled from the sexual encounter, she as well as her partner must achieve orgasm. And an energetic container, or shield, should be constructed around the activity and should remain in place for a few hours following the sexual encounter. Right after the act, the shielding should be modified to allow the participants to separate and remain shielded, so that each can absorb their gold from the encounter. One should not steal energy that belongs to the other.

This behavior also ensures benefits on the physical level as well. The sexual encounter provides the woman the opportunity to regulate the proper balance of hormones within her body. The man can add to the delicate balance, the small amount of testosterone that the woman requires to maintain the health of her sexual organs. This is also true for the man pertaining to estrogen.

I have had many women complain to me that their man demands sexual relations daily. This is not amour, this is self-nourishment and control. With that morning “quickie” he is fueling up. It is fine to nourish someone if you understand what you are sacrificing. That is to say that you have extra potential that your spirit can afford to give up on that day and remain healthy; and thus consent to share it with your partner. And that your partner does the same for you when you need an extra boost.

Whenever a human being is forced to comply with a demand that is difficult or torturous, they leak excessive, unregulated, amounts of their energy potential or life force. The person making the demand and controlling the situation consumes their energy. These situations may under some circumstances be consensual, but the woman may not understand just how detrimental the situation can be to her.

The importance of being selective
When a man enters a woman’s body, he makes a significant imprint on her spirit. Obviously, an imprint can be most deeply etched when done from within the person. Without regard to male homosexual activity and other penetrating sexual behaviors, a woman does not usually get access to the interior of the man. Therefore, most often the woman is more deeply imprinted during sex than the man. This strongly suggests that the woman should be cautious as to whom she lets enter her temple, because the engravings that a man can leave can remain with her spirit-eternally.

Spiritual adepts can imprint the woman deeply with very powerful programs. The programs literally render her captive. I use examples of extreme situations in order to make important points. Adepts like the vampire and werewolf spirits have sex with a woman and leave her physically dead or imprint her so deeply that it is almost like replacing her spirit with one of their own.

It wasn’t the milkman-or was it?
This powerful programming is partly why incest and rape are such heinous crimes; Because they leave such indelible imprints within their victims. Like a woman’s first sexual partner, the imprint can be such that the children that she conceives from another encounter later in life can retain the characteristics of her first lover. This is where the joke about asking a woman if she slept with the milkman originates, when the new baby does not favor either the mother or the father. What they usually don’t realize is that the baby favors the woman’s first lover or a sexual predator-incest perpetrator or rapist. This is also the origin of why young girls are encouraged to retain their virginity; It is not simply a religious matter. These situations serve to demonstrate the importance of a woman being selective about her sexual partners.


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